What is Women Dreams?
Women Dreams is organization running by active women's for the shake of women awareness.
Who are the owner of Women Dreams?
All women's who want to be independent for their further life.
What type of organize is it?
It's pure skills development organization who helps all women's to develop their skills.

We believe that recognizing women participation in different activities and social tasks is one of the processes of building a just society.

To encourage women to develop their skills and provide a source of livelihood empowering them

Encouraging use of products made locally along with impacting socially and environmentally in a positive manner

  • The objective is environmental conservation as well as empowerment of women through skill training
  • Introduced Paper Pencils for the first time in Nepal by Nepalese women themselves
  • Recycled products like paper pencils, paper bags, plastic tea coasters, cushions gives an option to use Nepali made products
  • Provides employment opportunities for women helping them to become self-dependent.

Why recycle and the benefits

Made of old newspapers, plastic wrappers and left over materials from sewing which usually become waste or garbage, the benefits of using recycled products are manifold such as:

  • Re-use of old newspapers, plastic wrappers and old clothes helps in saving trees, conserving waste and benefits the environment
  • Use of locally made product which impacts environmentally and socially

How can you get involved

  • Buy the pencils for use as stationery
  • Use the recycled products for office or personal use
  • Organise workshops or learn from us to understand the benefits of recycling and the environment
  • Make a collection point for old newspapers or collect it personally, donate a kilogram of newspaper and get 2 pencils in return